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For those wanting to build full-time music careers…
This book will enable you to save years of hard lessons.

Why cultivating a successful mindset will benefit you

With our help, you will learn how to create the best strategy for your music career.

You’ll feel less overwhelmed by the many tactics available in digital marketing.

Plus, learning to cultivate a successful mindset will give you the push to take your music career to the next level.

Hello there

My name is Alex Dudley a.k.a Xander Warren.

I’m an Artist, Record Producer, and the founder of dAudio Music Group… I can’t wait for you to get your copy of my latest book.

But first, let me quickly introduce myself and show you how to get the most out of this easy to understand guide.

what people say

“Alex's book offers creativity and valuable guidance, coupled with passion and enthusiasm…”
Matthew Finch
Composer & Songwriter
"Highly recommend this book... insightful right from the start!"
Sarah Cleeton
Singer & Lyricist
"...helped me take my music to a new level with support along every step..."
Jake Yapp
Drummer & Session Musician

How I got here

I’m a songwriter and music producer. Plus, an avid technologist and business owner with an extensive digital skill set and knowledge of audio tech. 

My music interests began in 2002 with learning bass and acoustic guitar and I started producing five years later.

My early music career was spent playing in punk bands around the Midlands, UK. After becoming more interested in music as a career, I began managing my own solo projects in 2012.

Over the years, I‘ve also won awards for my musicianship and business acumen. Plus, gained a BA(Hons) in Sound Production & an MSc. in Audio Technology from the University of Wolverhampton. 

I launched my own music business in 2015 with the mission of helping other artists to thrive in the new music industry and have met some amazing, talented, and inspirational people along the way. 

During this time I worked on varied projects with many bands, artists, companies & institutions. I learned hard lessons through my experiences as an artist, producer, and manager of my own record label.

After the last decade of developing my skills in music, business, and technology…

I began working on projects – like this book – to help other musicians learn from my own journey.

This easy-to-understand guide is aimed at musicians wanting to create a music career on their own terms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in the music business or if you have already had experience.

I’ve distilled my knowledge from the last 20 years of working in many areas of the industry. Plus, compiled my thoughts from viewpoints of evolving technology and culture.

If you are willing to be open to new ideas and put in the work, I’ve saved you some hard lessons by passing on my experiences.

By now I hope you recognise that I’m more than just another artist & music producer…

BOTTOM LINE: My focus is helping to guide the careers of amazing singers, rappers & musicians…

Just like YOU! 👈

why you need to start now

Building an online brand around your music is a great way to stand out from the crowd and really begin to leverage the power of the internet.

However, by now you should realise the longer you wait around… The game will change. 

The music business is moving at lightspeed and those who take action are the ones succeeding. 

Musicians and artistry are meant to evolve. Just look at the greats that inspire you. Is it easy… hell no. Yet, those with the willingness to try will do better in the long run.

You're almost there

By now, you should understand my goal is to help you cultivate the mindset & understand the tools to run a successful online music brand… One that will be able to adapt to change.

You’ll get support with learning new business skills, music marketing strategy, and content creation. 

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